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New York, NY, September 17, 2013 – “La nobiltà del Fare. Storie di Eccellenze Italiane“, the precious book by Acqua di Parma with photos by Giovanni Gastel, enjoyed a successful launch last night in New York. Published by Electa, sponsored by the highest institutions, the book promotes Italy’s excellence in arts and crafts, and was introduced following the American premiere of the “Roberto Bolle and Friends Gala” at the New York City Center, an event within the event produced by ARTEDANZA and an outstanding part of the agenda of the 2013 Year of Italian Culture in the US. Roberto Bolle is one of the main figures in the book.

The ballet gala, which included the performance of some of the greatest dancers from all over the world, was followed by a private dinner for few, strictly selected guests at an exclusive club on the Upper East side.
Gabriella Scarpa, President of Acqua di Parma, movie director Baz Luhrmann, Douglas Kirkland, singer Michael Stipe with Thomas Dozol, Trudie Styler with Sharmila Desai, ballet dancer Alessandra Ferri, Boyd Gaines, Kathleen McNenny, Marina Abramovic, Toni Collette, and Fabio Capello were also in attendance, alongside photographer Giovanni Gastel, Roberto Bolle, and some of the figures featured in the book.

The evening followed the successful European launch of the book, celebrated with an exclusive concert of maestro Uto Ughi – also featured in the book – at the La Fenice Theatre in Venice, and is the climax of a project enhancing Italian culture, in which Acqua di Parma undertook to describe and unveil with passion and pride, using the power of words and images, an Italy made of unique stories and people, like great dancer and performer Roberto Bolle. The book “La nobiltà del Fare. Storie di Eccellenze Italiane” is now on sale at the main international bookstores.

The augmented contents of the book, including video interviews with the main figures, are now available online at www.lanobiltadelfare.com

Photo Credit – Getty Images for Acqua di Parma

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