The look embraces the clear sea, softly brushed by the light of day. Peace lies all around. The air is clear and carries on it the subtle, crisp scent of cedar trees blooming in neighbouring citrus gardens. Intricate alleys and medieval pathways suddenly widen to house magnificent baroque palaces and the stalls of the ancient Greek theatre appear unexpectedly. In the distance sparkling vapours announce the presence of the Etna. The scent unique to this city of the Italian Mediterranean basin, where opposing, yet not conflicting emotions blend together like nowhere else. Acqua di Parma renews once again the sensory charm of the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance collection, each inspired by an ingredient epitomizing a place, a coastal region, or a landscape and evoking its unforgettable atmosphere. One of these is Cedro di Taormina.


Its fragrant zest, in warm and intense shades of yellow, unleashes all the energy of Mediterranean light. Its rich and juicy pulp evokes the roots of the earth, of the crisp sweetness of the air and of the sea’s slowly moving waves. A fruit that stirs memories of unforgettable landscapes. The cedar, or golden apple as defined by the ancients, is the primordial forefather of all citrus fruits. The symbol of a place where the charm of a majestic volcano coexists with the highest expressions of art. With its unique aroma that instantly captures all the senses, of the landscapes surrounding a city of stunning beauty – Taormina.


If you think you have already seen it without ever having actually been there, you might be right. Taormina appears in many films, for example Louis Mercanton’s silent movie L’Appel du Sang in 1919. Or Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece “L’avventura”; Luc Besson’s “The Big Blue”; Roberto Benigni’s “The Little Devil”; Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather Part III” and in the light-hearted “Mighty Aphrodite” by Woody Allen. Set like a pearl in a ring,Taormina has the magical grace that all timeless locations possess. It is unique, with Etna looming behind and the liquid blue of the Ionian to the fore. Magnificent blooms abound at all times of the year: roses from May to December, cascades of bougainvillea and oleanders in summer, jasmine that blossoms right until the short winter comes. Located in the Province of Messina, but almost closer to Catania,Taormina was built upon a spectacular rocky terrace. On clear days you can even see the tip of Calabria. Everything is outlined and defined by the light but, sentimentalism aside, the rock guaranteed a certain security from enemies, be they approaching by land or by sea.


The city has its origins in legend and historians disagree on the identity of its founders (Sicels, Greeks, Naxians, Messenians from Zancle) and even on the meaning of the name Tauromenion. Is it because of Mount Tauro, the bull mountain, so called because of its shape? Is it because of the Minotaur which features on various ancient coins? Is it because of the two princes of Palestine,Taurus and Mena? It doesn’t really matter.Today, with 2,500 years of history, long lists of visitors – actors, painters and writers – who left evidence of their enchantment, the small town (eleven thousand inhabitants) remains unique, with its Ancient Theatre, the opulence of the great hotels, Corso Umberto and its many little side streets, the Villa Comunale (municipal gardens), the art nouveau station, Cape Taormina and, the jewel in the crown, the island of Isola Bella. Granted to the Municipality of Taormina in 1806 by Ferdinand I of the House of Bourbon, King of the Two Sicilies, Isola Bella was declared a nature reserve in 2011.


More than just an island, it is a mainland offshoot linked by a narrow strip of shingle beach – above or below the water depending on the vagaries of the tides. Just 8,000 square metres in size it is nevertheless full of surprises, such as wildflowers like the cliffs carnation (Dianthus rupicola) and the rare tropical plants, now perfectly acclimatised, brought by Lady Florence Trevelyan. Concealed amidst the greenery is the villa built by the Bosurgi family at the end of the 1950s: a sequence of rooms and overlying belvederes, linked by internal and external staircases with walls and vaults held together by fine metal wires. A harmonious and fascinating mixture which is now open to visitors. From Taormina you can glimpse the roof of the house, resembling a hat sitting on the rock; but then the gaze extends further, encompassing the whole bay.We feel as though we were on the bridge of a huge ship, masters of the world.



Cedro di Taormina

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Cedro di Taormina

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The rich blue glass of Cedro di Taormina’s elegant bottle creates reflections that call to mind the striking effect of the waves. The label bears the name of the fragrance in intense citron on a white base. The iconic Art Déco design of the cap and bottle characterizes the fragrance as being part of the Acqua di Parma world. The signature hand-made cylindrical box comes in blue with embossed-paper.

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