Colonia Centenary Edition


Acqua di Parma is 100 years old and is celebrating its Centenary with an exclusive edition of Colonia created by Damiani, the prestigious Italian luxury jewellery company. An exquisite limited edition of only 100 pieces, reflecting 100 years of the brand’s existence.


Colonia Edizione Centenario is an elegant interpretation designed for Acqua di Parma by Damiani, the prestigious Italian luxury jewellery brand. The maison has designed and produced a stunning sterling silver 925‰ piece which fully encases the unmistakable Art Déco Colonia bottle. An authentic jewel, its design is inspired by the décor of the Teatro Regio in Parma and by the noble history of luxury perfumery.
The purity of the glass can be glimpsed through the elegantly interwoven metal spiral decorations. Each individual piece in this limited edition is crafted with artisanal mastery by the maison’s highly skilled goldsmiths.  Read moreSilver ingots undergo a lengthy process of lamination to obtain a thin sheet which is then laser cut to obtain perforations. Embellishments and decorations are elaborately embossed. The delicately and artfully decorated openwork silver sheet is then manually wound around a cone with the same dimensions as the Colonia bottle, just like a made to measure suit.
The final stage is to create a completely invisible seam, typical of high-end jewellery creations. Even the stopper is welded to the body of the bottle holder using the same careful craftsmanship. The royal shield is elegantly engraved in the centre of the piece. The final touch is the surface work. Burnishing and a special anti-rusting procedure that gives silver added protection. The piece is now almost finished. The master goldsmith stamps the sterling silver hallmark and the mark identifying Maison Damiani at the front of the bottle holder and engraves the Acqua di Parma and Damiani trademarks on the stopper. Lastly, a number is engraved on each bottle, making each one even more unique.


An exquisitely fresh and elegant fragrance, right from the crisp citrussy opening of lemon and sweet Sicilian orange, together with Calabrian bergamot. Its subtle sophistication continues in the aromatic heart that combines lavender, damask rose, verbena and rosemary. Unmistakable woody bottom notes of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli create an unforgettable Eau de Cologne. Colonia Centenary Edition extols the values of Italian craftsmanship, noble elegance and exclusivity. Acqua di Parma has entrusted the creation to Damiani, a synonym of excellence and the best Italian jewellery tradition, with whom it shares an affinity with a world that, for generations, has valued all-Italian tradition, beauty, good taste and savoir faire.