Wood Room Spray

The epitome of noble femininity

A small masterpiece of nature, the iris flower captures the imagination with its magnificent and imposing beauty. Over the centuries, the Iris flower has remained a favourite to painters and poets wishing to capture Italian Renaissance culture and feminine nobility. Assertive and delicate, natural and refined, and loved by the noble Florentine women, it is selected from Acqua di Parma as the expression of aristocratic femininity.

An exceptionally rich and well-balanced composition

Iris Nobile Sublime opens with the fresh notes of mandarin and neroli, anticipating the bright, rich floral heart where ylang-ylang offers a first delicate poudre note. Indeed, the heart of the fragrance is Iris Pallida – an enchanting scent, subtle yet intense, that unfolds as delicately as silk. The Italian orange blossom and rosa assoluta enhance the nobleness of the Iris Pallida, while the floral poudre notes of Sambac jasmine are in perfect contrast with this luxurious and warm harmony. Finally, the wood accents of Iris Pallida find a persistent, modern echo, where a combination of clear woods, cedar, acacia, and birch meet patchouli and musk.

An all-italian world of elegance where art is a lifestyle

The iris flower was adopted during the Renaissance period as the emblem of Florence. In the same city, the Renaissance found its vital and creative life form; a new perception of man and life, based on a relentless pursuit of perfection, was conveyed, not only through works of art, but also through the meticulousness of Italian craftsmanship. This same careful craftsmanship and detailed perfection can be found in Iris Nobile Sublime.

As regal and sophisticated as an Iris flower

The packaging of Iris Nobile Sublime truly is a tribute to aristocratic feminine elegance, perfectly mirroring the fragrance itself. The bottle, made of pure glass, stands out in its unique shape described as being as slender as the stem of the iris flower. Inspiration from “Le Nobili” was used for the cap and the gold label, as well as for the iconic cylindrical yellow box, while the silk coated base defines the fragrance enhancing its uniqueness and stand-out quality.