Acqua di Parma draws inspiration from the enchanting nature of the Italian noble gardens to create Acque Nobili. Glistening dew drops on softly coloured blossom, cascading waters in fresh clearings, a peaceful quiet envelopes the senses, such is the beauty of the noble Italian gardens. Unveiling a secret clarity and light and mirroring the purity of water, Acqua di Parma has created a new collection of fragrances featuring the rare, noble, and precious ingredients that make up the majestic landscape of Italian gardens. Beautiful fountains. An eternal beauty emanates from the precious notes of three flowers. Iris, Magnolia and Gelsomino. Each fragrance creates a unique harmony. Pure and gentle notes unlock the mystery of eternal and vital beauty. Sparkling citrus accents and green freshness envelop the flower at the heart of every fragrance.

Femininity Between Nature And Freshness
Fragrances that unveil a natural beauty, soft grace, and a sweet and heavenly charm. Soft sounds echoing in the clear air, a gentle rustle in the greenery – beauty comes to life and blooms. A radiant femininity where freedom and harmony come together to create three new fragrances.

Beautiful waterworks
A bright day. A shower of changing effects like the freshest of all perfumes. Elegant water fountains create an eye-catching display. From the effervescence of the continuously flowing water, small waves dance melodiously around the fountain base. Acqua di Parma has captured this dance in Acque Nobili delicately scenting the air.

Acqua Nobile Iris
As the sun beams down on the noble Italian gardens, a graceful dance promptly begins to celebrate this unique moment. Acqua Nobile Iris, a clear and elegant fragrance, developed from the rare iris pallida flower. The bright citrus notes of mandarin, citron and grapefruit enhance the sun drenched garden. The radiant and irresistible harmony of violet and neroli oil joins iris pallida, enriching its fresh green nuances. At the heart, iris pallida dominates with its grand, yet delicate presence, elegantly contrasting with orange blossom extract. A perfect bouquet completed with notes of soft musk and vanilla.

Acqua Nobile Magnolia
The gracious and joyful charm of the beautiful magnolia flower is unlocked at day break when the first light of day falls upon the ivory petals of this majestic flower. Acqua Nobile Magnolia, a fragrance where each and every note celebrates the luminous beauty of the magnolia flower. Sparkling bergamot, mandarin, citron and lemon, made even fresher by neroli oil, epitomise a radiant dawn. A time when the most sensual and delicate bouquet is ready to bloom. A rich and airy heart of white flowers, where elegant notes of freesia and lily of the valley blend with orange blossom extract and sambac jasmine, unveiling the most heavenly and delicate side of the magnolia flower. The fragrance is enhanced by a small touch of musk, patchouli essence, and vanilla for an elegant and precious base.

Acqua Nobile Gelsomino
Like a bouquet of jasmine flowers sprinkled in a veil of fresh morning dew. Acqua Nobile Gelsomino, a bright uplifting fragrance. As light as air and as elegant as the noble Calabrian jasmine flower. The pure and clear notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and pink pepper envelope the fresh floral heart, where neroli oil and petit grain blend with jasmine extract from Calabria and celebrate its unique green floral tones. The fragrance is completed with soft notes of musk.