Profumi Dell'orto



Profumi Dell'orto, ONESIZE, hi-res-1
Profumi Dell'orto, ONESIZE, hi-res-1
Profumi Dell'orto, ONESIZE, hi-res-1
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A breath of countryside inside home. Illuminate your spaces with the typical aromatic scents of italian cuisine.
The evocation of a suspended moment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, for a weekend in the countryside. A sweet escape to a vegetable garden bathed in light, is sublimated by the freshness of aromatic herbs and crisp tomato leaves. The vegetal and peaceful colors of the countryside are warmed up by fiery and colorful pimento berries, signing a getaway offering serenity and sensoriality.

CANDLE 200 g
Burning time: up to 50hrs
Olfactive family: Aromatic Green
Tasting Notes:
Tomato leaves
Thyme essential oil
Mint essential oil
Basil essential oil
Pimento essential oil


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