Acqua di Parma à Saint-Tropez​

Designed in collaboration with French designer Dorothée Meilichzon, a vibrant boutique that radiates a luminance of yellows in an ode to the Maison’s signature citrusy notes and the lively spirit of Saint-Tropez.


Personalized sessions guided by our beauty consultants to discover our universe, find your scent, and explore how to best use our products.

Boutique Exclusives and Masterpieces

Acqua di Parma's Saint-Tropez boutique exclusively presents the 'À Saint-Tropez' inscribed Pétanque Set and Car Diffuser Double Colour Limited Edition. The opening will also premiere the Resort Collection.

Car Diffuser Saint-Tropez Limited Edition

The dual-tone design in striking azure and pristine white hues is customized with the inscription ‘À Saint-Tropez’, an ode to summer drives on the coast.

Acqua di Parma Saint-Tropez

2, Boulevard Vasserot, 83990 Saint-Tropez (+33) 04 94 53 38 25