Perfumed Candle

Colonia Oud

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A gorgeous dark brown candle diffusing the deep notes of Colonia Oud.

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  • A candle crafted in a gorgeous deep brown colour to accentuate the charismatic scent of Colonia Oud. Entirely handcrafted using artisanal techniques, the specially-weaved wick ensures long-lasting diffusion of Colonia Oud and ensures a steady flame for the ideal ‘tear-drop’ look. The wax returns to its original form at room temperature, retaining its decorative nature. The candle diffuses the deep notes of Colonia Oud for up to 60 hours.


An Iconic Emblem

The yellow box is an essential part of the Acqua di Parma experience. Inspired by the bright and sunny yellow buildings of Parma city, the boxes define our philosophy of sunny sophistication.

The Italian Artisanal Touch

Handmade by artisans, the labels are applied individually on every box of all sizes. Our products lovingly packaged in these iconic boxes make an unmistakably Italian gifting experience.