Luce di Colonia Diffuser

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A gift that combines design and atmosphere, to infuse a sense of radiant brightness and refined lightness into houses with the unmistakably Italian scent of Luce di Colonia.

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  • Our iconic fragrance in a bigger format that aimes at magnifying the scented experience at home. Illuminate the home with radiant brightness and refined lightness of the unmistakably Italian scent of Luce di Colonia. The diffuser is encased in the iconic hatbox box decorated with a unique design by the Italian artist Gio Pastori.

    Diffusing time:

    500ml: 20-22 weeks
  • A sparkling start of fresh and citrusy notes continues with aromatic heart notes, both floral and elegant. The scent comes together with woody base notes.
    Tasting Notes: Orange, Lemon, Petitgrain, Neroli, Patchouli, Vetiver


An Iconic Emblem

The yellow box is an essential part of the Acqua di Parma experience. Inspired by the bright and sunny yellow buildings of Parma city, the boxes define our philosophy of sunny sophistication.

The Italian Artisanal Touch

Handmade by artisans, the labels are applied individually on every box of all sizes. Our products lovingly packaged in these iconic boxes make an unmistakably Italian gifting experience.