Blu Mediterraneo Discovery Collection

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The unmissable discovery collection of the most loved Blu Mediterraneo fragrances

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  • This is the ideal gift to discover the regenerating aromas of the Italian Mediterranean and to breathe in all its bright energy. This selection of the best-loved Blu Mediterraneo fragrances is packaged in a box covered with the decorative motifs created by Gio Pastori in silver and white tones. Arancia di Capri, Bergamotto di Calabria, Fico di Amalfi and Mirto di Panarea in four 10ml roll-on packs. These practical formats allow you to immerse yourself in any moment in unforgettable places, where the sun, sky and sea are one. Arancia di Capri. It releases the scents of orange, mandarin and lemon, symbolic citrus fruits of the Mediterranean island. And it‘s like finding yourself again in the sunny and relaxing atmosphere of this corner of paradise. Bergamotto di Calabria. It conjures up a strong intense land, together with its most precious fruit. The sparkling scents of bergamot appear from the beginning and characterise this charming floral fragrance. Fico di Amalfi. The clear sunny scents of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit are the perfect prelude to the sweetness of the fig. A dynamic and surprising fragrance like the views of the Amalfi Coast. Mirto di Panarea. It releases the aromatic scents of the Mediterranean vegetation blending them with the perfume of the sea breeze. Myrtle and basil, together with lemon and bergamot, transport you to an island suspended in time


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