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La colección, basada en Colonia, se define por las sofisticadas notas de la fragancia original de Acqua di Parma.

Un regalo amarillo de sol, alma y estilo italianos, dedicado exclusivamente a los mejores hoteles, villas, resorts y yates del mundo.

La línea incluye una amplia gama de productos, desde geles de ducha y champús hasta productos para el cabello y el cuidado corporal. Cada uno de ellos es un cofre de miniaturas de elegante refinamiento.

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DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL, with offices in Torreglia (Padua) at 137/139 Via San Daniele, zip code 35038, VAT No. 05097740285, e-mail (hereinafter “Diana”), is the collector of personal data relevant to all requests involving the sales of products offered on the Website (hereinafter the “Products”) such as the sales conditions, withdrawal methods and after sale assistance.
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If the information refers to one of the two owners only, the website’s user will see the reference to one owner of data processing only


Diana has appointed a data protection officer (DPO) who a concerned person can contact by writing to


The personal data processed by Acqua di Parma and Diana is voluntarily provided by the User or collected by the website when the contact form is sent. This data includes personal details, contact data, data relevant to purchases, browsing and bank data.


Your personal data will be processed by Acqua di Parma and Diana, as independent owners of the processing, according to the subjects of the request:

A For managing and checking the requests sent by the contact form and the relevant law obligations for civil and fiscal subjects as well as for depending or enforcing a right and/or for preventing and proving frauds or other crimes. Execution of an agreement of which the concerned person is a party or the execution of pre-contractual measures upon request of the concerned person.

Law obligations.
Legitimate interest of Acqua di Parma and Diana.
For a period of 3 months from the reception of the User’s request; in any case the law states that the User’s data can’t be stored for more than 10 years.
In any case, the data collected by the website can be stored by Acqua di Parma and Diana, for longer periods, but within the terms allowed by the law in force, if there is the legitimate interest of Acqua di Parma and Diana to defend or enforce a right and/or to prevent and prove frauds or other crimes.


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No personal details collected from the Website are diffused.
In order to achieve the purposes that the personal data is collected for, Acqua di Parma and Diana can appoint other responsible parties for processing the personal data such as the following:

  • IT service providers, i.e. direct marketing, internet service and cloud computing,
  • subjects that are in charge of the warehouse logistics, as well as promotion, sale and delivery of the products and services of Acqua di Parma and Diana,
  • customer care,
  • companies and other subjects that provide customers with legal, fiscal, accountancy, financial, technical-organization, data processing and communication services;
  • subjects that provide bank services, i.e. financial, insurance and credit recovery services;
  • controlled companies and subsidiaries;
  • public authorities and supervising bodies;
  • third party companies involved in operations of merging, acquisition or sale of the company or a branch of the company.
The updated list of the Data Processors of personal data is available by a specific request to Acqua di Parma and Diana through the methods indicated in the following paragraph 9 "Rights of the concerned person".
Personal details can be also known by people authorized by Acqua di Parma and Diana such as the staff in charge of the execution of orders, the administrative staff, the customer care offices, the marketing and IT departments and other persons in charge of the supply of the services of the Website and the technical and commercial personnel.


This Website is to be used by people older than 18 years old. Therefore, requests from people under 18 will not be considered by Acqua di Parma and Diana.


Your personal data may be transferred, for the purposes for which it is collected, to China which is a country not belonging to the European Union.
The transfer of personal data to subjects located in the China will take place exclusively in accordance with the agreement between Acqua di Parma and the non-EU recipient and in accordance with the standard contractual clauses adopted or approved by the European Commission (art. 46, paragraph II, letters C and D of the Regulation).
To obtain a copy of this data, please contact Acqua di Parma, as given in the following paragraph "Rights of the concerned person".


With reference to the provided data, the User, being the person to whom the personal data refers, has the right at any time to ask the Owner for the following:

  • the confirmation that personal data is being processed and, in this case, to access his/her personal data and obtain a copy of it (see Article 15 of the Regulation);
  • the correction of inaccurate personal data, as well as the integration of it, provided that the purposes of the processing are met (see Article 16 of the Regulation);
  • the cancellation of personal data in accordance with the cases given in art. 17 of the Regulation;
  • the limitation of data processing in the cases given in art. 18 of the Regulation;
  • to prevent the processing of personal data (see Article 21 of the Regulation);
  • data portability (see Article 20 of the Regulation);
  • public authorities and supervising bodies;
  • if the User has expressly authorized the processing of his/her personal data for one or more specific purposes (see Article 6, paragraph 1, letter A of the Regulation), to revoke his/her consent without affecting the legality of the processing based on the authorization given before the revocation.
To exercise these rights, for all requests relevant to the sale of products offered in the website, the concerned person shall contact Diana
  • by mail: Torreglia (PD) via San Daniele no. 137/139, zip code 35038, or
  • By e-mail:
and for all other requests the concerned person shall contact Acqua di Parma:
  • By mail: Via Ripamonti, 99 - 20141 - Milan, Italy, or
  • by e-mail:
Finally, the interested person has the right to claim to the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data as the Guarantor is the control authority of the established procedures.

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