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Acqua di Parma recognizes and is committed to reducing the impact of its activities and those of its suppliers, direct and indirect, on the environment.

The Company will manage its business in a way that tries to eliminate or minimize the environmental impact of its decisions and activities.

Suppliers Audit

Acqua di Parma, collaborating with two approved and certified Companies, conducts annual social, quality and environmental audits of its suppliers.

These checks are conducted to educate and inform the entire supply chain on their environmental responsibility, by offering them support and encouragement to work responsibly.

LIFE Program

The LIFE (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) program was created in 2012, and in 2016 with the launch of LIFE 2020, took the commitment to the next level to elevate the environmental performance of LVMH and its Maisons.

This program structures all the initiatives deployed by LVMH and its Maisons within the scope of our environmental policies, from product design to retailing.

Colonia Pura Life Cycle Assessment

Acqua di Parma carried out its first product life cycle study using the LCA tool, which analyzes the environmental implications of a product along all phases of its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of life.

The environmental implications studied cover all types of environmental impact, from the consumption of resources to the emission of dangerous substances.

Carbon Fund

Acqua di Parma is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the year 2020.

As part of the LVMH group, the Company invests an extra budget, calculated on the consumption per tonne of CO2 equivalent emitted, in projects aimed at reducing energy footprint every year.